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Verna Jigour, PhD – Consulting Services


dba V•Jigour LLC   

Offers consulting services, including arborist, biological and conservation/ restoration ecological services.  Now based in Mariposa County, local service area includes:

• Mariposa County
• Tuolumne County
• Stanislaus County
• Merced County        & points beyond . . .

Verna Jigour, PhD Resume

ISA Certified Arborist WE-4212A, Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

Individual trees to woodlands, forest

• Documentation/assessment
• Mapping
• Reporting
• Mitigation measures development

Conservation & Restoration Ecological Services

• Watershed assessments
• Ecohydrology per Rainfall to Groundwater
• Ecological restoration planning, design, specifications

Botanical /vegetation surveys
• Mapping
• Analyses/ reporting
• Mitigation measures development

Ecologically & Ecohydrologically Sound Landscape Design & Planning

• Maximize wildlife value, including pollinators
• Express the California “spirit of place” with natives & native cultivars
• Reduce water needs, enhance infiltration & percolation; water gardens
• Edible landscape

Graphic Design Digital Services – using Adobe Illustrator CS5 & related Software

• Concept graphics for planning documents, websites, scientific papers
• Logos, letterhead, business card

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