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Learning Program Vision

Note: These offerings, originally summarized in 2018, will be reformulated once the interested audiences make themselves known.


Rainfall to Groundwater aims to enlighten and catalyze collaborative action on the following topics:

  • Rainfall to Groundwater Basics
  • Planning for Rainfall to Groundwater, Part 1 and Part 2
  • Rangeland Economies for Rainfall Detention
  • Interdisciplinary Research Topics for University & College Students
  • Site-Specific Watershed Restoration Strategies – Planning, Design, Plants & Animals – for consultants and planners
  • Ecohydrological Adaptive Management & Monitoring
  • Permaculture Considerations for Agricultural Lands
  • Rainfall to Groundwater for K-12 Educators & Students

The intention is to facilitate incorporation of the Rainfall to Groundwater recharge approach into planning and design processes and to foster a community (potentially community of communities) to synergistically expedite ecohydrological restoration of degraded catchment detention storage functions.

Forthcoming Books

Rainfall to Groundwater: History of the Science

Rainfall to Groundwater: California & Beyond