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Verna’s Acknowledgements

Verna will be ever-indebted to Professor Victor M. Ponce for generously, open-mindedly sharing his time and singular expertise as her most influential doctoral mentor.

Professor Emeritus Robert R. Curry; Mark R. Stromberg, PhD; Professor Emeritus Joseph W. Meeker, (brief bio); and Beverly Rubik, PhD, each offered complementary support to the doctoral dissertation that combined synergistically and decidedly influenced its outcome.  John Smiley, PhD supervised Verna’s doctoral internship, which led to Ventana (aka Central Coast) Wildlands Project.

While their direct influence was primarily upon the first iteration of Verna’s doctoral program, the lifetime contributions of Professors Emeritus Reed Noss and Ralph Abraham have never ceased to shape her perspectives.  Verna’s work absolutely reflects their individual unique gifts to the world.

Shout out to:  Kaia Alexander’s  Fat Cat Copy course definitely got Verna thinking differently about writing for the internet.  On the course Facebook page, Kaia personally coached Verna toward the succinct Rainfall to Groundwater Mission statement – see About.

Special acknowledgement to Verna’s hero, her brother, David R. Jigour, who provided a naturally nurturing place to land when she and kitties abruptly had to move from her Carmel rental, summer 2017 (the real estate boom), as well as risked life and limb to help her move.  

David’s  support absolutely facilitated getting this web site and all going ASAP.

And a shout out to Chris Austin, Maven of Maven’s Notebook, whose exemplary site and postings have profoundly and skillfully kept Verna abreast of news about California water issues since Verna discovered her site in 2015.