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Planning for Rainfall to Groundwater, Part 2: Envision & Evaluate Options – Tentative Topic Summary

Water Budget Considerations Part 2:  

  • Options for modeling/ projecting restored catchment functions
  • Visualize range of water budget scenarios as detention storage becomes increased over time
  • Planning for adaptive correction of water budget parameters based on ongoing monitoring results


Ecohydrological Restoration Concepts for Planners

  • General correlations among physiographic patterns and potential restored vegetation
  • Strategic spatial prioritization for restoring detention functions
  • Timing and processes for greatest efficiency in restoring detention functions


Evaluate Options Relative to Catchment Economics

  • Estimate short- and long-term costs of restoration and management of detention storage
  • Correlate projected detention storage restoration efficacy with cost and local value of water.


Project Efficacy Monitoring

  • Stream gages, strategic placement, consideration of other methods to determine detention restoration efficacy (potential connection to university/college research topics)
  • Planning for vegetative restoration monitoring


Tie Projected/ Documented Project  Efficacy to Groundwater Available for Withdrawal

  • Determine value of water in local groundwater basins – relative to water market(s)
  • Determine equitable funding/ benefit relationships for catchment restoration costs
  • Develop incentives to encourage landowner participation based on local water value
  • Develop monitoring benchmarks for release of additional groundwater provided by the project