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Interdisciplinary Research Topics for University & College Students – Overview

Given acceptance of the Rainfall to Groundwater approach by California Groundwater Sustainability Agencies, we will be embarking on an essentially pioneering restoration effort.   

Because much of the pertinent early 20th Century science has been forgotten and more recent research is dispersed across a range of academic disciplines, significant opportunities exist to lend academic enlightenment to this work.  

New and emerging technological approaches can address these topics but it will be mostly up to learners and their academic support to identify the new tech approaches.  This course primarily presents questions in context, though some technological issues will be addressed.

Either 1.) the Rainfall to Groundwater Basics course or 2.) proven purchase of both books are prerequisite to this course, but the courses may be taken concurrently.  

Enrollment Includes: one year (renewable) subscription to Rainfall Detention Research Colloquium private online forum, as well as to the Rainfall Detention Council forum; six (two-hour) Research Colloquium teleconferences (recorded for later access), ten monthly Rainfall Detention Council teleconference calls; eligible for field trips.

Online learning models will highlight pertinent research topics left hanging by those who’ve come before us, as well as topics yet to be addressed, or to be applied to this set of problems.  New topics will likely arise through input and feedback of professionals engaged in groundwater sustainability planning who enroll in Rainfall to Groundwater programs.

Teleconferences will be geared to the specific disciplinary interests of enrolled participants, as will (naturally) be the case for the Research Colloquium private online forum.  Interactions on the Rainfall Detention Council online forum will ideally facilitate matching research interests with potential Groundwater Sustainability Agency case studies, potential research funding.

Research topics abound across a broad range of academic disciplines, from the natural/ physical sciences and mathematics through social and political sciences, including ecological economics.  

Ideally some learners may opt for interdisciplinary studies and/or work in multidisciplinary teams to investigate complex issues.  Ideally the Research Colloquium private online forum will facilitate mutually supportive connections beyond institutional boundaries.

For course pre-enrollment details and deals see Course Pre-Enroll & Sponsorship Order